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Dear Visitor!

Thank you so much for visiting my homepage!

As you noticed, you already had to click a button on the home page indicating whether or not this is your first time here - why is that?

The one thing I want you to know about me is that I am determined to move people with my music. I deeply care about growing an organic, passionate fanbase.

Unfortunately, I have seen it happen too many times that when people are introduced to a new artist/person and their channel, they instantly subscribe/follow the channel even before actually evaluating the content the artist/person creates. 

This is something I heavily dislike.


Not only will this action result in inaccurate representation of my brand's popularity both to me and to the outside world, but it will additionally clutter the inboxes and notification lists of barely interested individuals.  

That is exactly the kind of thinking that went into designing my homepage:

It makes no sense for me to offer you a link to my store, merch, online presences, contact info and so on if you don't even yet know who I am & why I do what I do

As stated before: I want a passionate fanbase.

To be fair, chances are that if you landed on my homepage, you could be familiar with at least some of my content already. You might even be passionate about it.

But sharing my content alone without a story feels incomplete.

This is why I created this introduction page. And this homepage.

I want you to have some context to my content.

In the end, ideally, the second button on my homepage will only be used by people who I have touched/moved with my music AND my story.

With all that being said, let's dive into my story:

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